"Why The Rich Are Getting Richer And Healthier? Yes! You Can Learn How to Go From Struggle and Frustration to Abundance and Bliss. And Enjoy Your Created Wealth With Great Health & Happiness, Now!"

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Believe You Can Achieve Financial Freedom Too! From Sean Toh
Monday, 10.30am Singapore

  You Are Listening To Sean Toh!

Hi Friends,

When you think about money, do you think "Great, I have fun with my money, it provides me with a great life? I have all the wealth I want."

Or do you think, "Oh. I never have enough. Look at all these bills. My credit cards are driving me crazy." Do you feel that, for some reason, money does not like you? Do you find your money leaving you too quickly instead of hanging around and making you feel rich?

Are you ready to give up struggle, blame, denial and excuses and really come to terms with this thing called money? Are you ready to start creating a life filled with abundance, fun, bliss and "yes" lots of money? Not forgetting about enjoying your created wealth with great health! Take actions and learn the four steps now and learn the secrets and philosophy to financial freedom!

Money and happiness are two of the most powerful forces in our lives, but what's so interesting to me is how we've convinced ourselves that there's a powerful connection between them: We seem to think that if we were rich, our lives would be perfect. My friends, I hope I can convince you otherwise.

When I talked to people who've had no money, some money, and heaps of money, I've found that it doesn't create or sustain happiness. That's not to say that money isn't an important factor in our emotional state—if we can't pay our bills and support our families, we carry a great deal of stress on our shoulders and in our hearts. But it's seriously flawed logic to jump from a position of "money is important" to "money is the key to happiness." Need some proof? How about the articles we've all read about lottery winners who buy a ton of goodies after they hit the jackpot, but within a few years tell the world how out of control and miserable their lives are? It reminds me of how some of us have a screwy relationship with food. When we're unhappy, we gorge on comfort foods that we believe, either consciously or subconsciously, will make us feel better. Sure, that hot fudge sundae might give us a nice temporary lift, just like buying a great new handbag or outfit—but it's temporary. Learn how you can empower yourself to be much stronger, powerful and in control of your financial destiny?

Do you know that the average  household has a credit card balance of about $8,000. It's hard to be happy when you carry an $8,000 balance on a credit card that charges 18 percent interest. My message to you is that happiness is not tied to how much money you have—how much you had in the past or hope to have in the future—but how you deal with what you have right now.

I want to be very clear that I fully understand that it's far more difficult to live on $20,000 a year than $200,000. I know this from personal experience; until I was 26, I was a waiter bringing home $400 a month working in a steakhouse. But I also know that we all have the capacity to take control of our lives—regardless of our bank accounts—and to commit to making the right decisions for ourselves and our family. When we do that, we're on the road to happiness. When you're happy, you create your own financial stability by living within your means.

In my experience, most people are unhappy because they aren't being honest with themselves. Being truthful with yourself plugs you into your inner power. Whether it's your relationship with money or with a partner, you aren't going to be content or successful until you are connected to your heart and operating with all your energy. Quite simply, by making the right choices from a position of strength rather than weakness, you are bound to be happy. In part you'll feel better because your finances are in good shape, and also because you took the initiative to create a life based on honesty. In my book, that's the priceless route to ultimate happiness. Let me empower you to your financial destiny.

This program is for you if you want to know:

Sean's valuable lessons about his personal struggle from poor to wealth

The importance of poor health vs good health

The the secrets on how to take care of your health so that you can create multiple streams of passive revenue later

The secrets to accelerate your learning process when your body is ready

Step 2 - An open mindset to start learning and practicing what you have learned.

How to abandon and change your poor mindset, design and program a winning mindset to slash your debt, live free and become financially free

Why, how, when, what and where to learn to equip yourself so that you can be financially successful

How to get started and take actions to slash your debt, live free and become financially smarter to create your wealth

How to get yourself even more motivated for a more successful life

Step 3 - Investing your time in your financial & he in control of your life to create wealth to enjoy a better life.

Why we don't have enough and the right financial education to create wealth

How to plan, design and execute an accelerated financial learning and wealth creation process

Why your health education supports your wealth creation success

How to enjoy a better life with your wealth

Step 4 - Enjoy the wealth that you have created because you have been taking care of your health.

How to continue to create your wealth and enjoy it when you are young and healthy
Why you create the wealth to enjoy and to give 
How and why you want to help others succeed when you have succeeded


I'll show you how you can do this and more, even if you're starting from scratch!

I don't want to brag because that is not my aim here. What I want to point out to you is that I wasn't born with all this phenomenal success! PLUS . . If you order now you will receive Other great bonuses.

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In Fact! I Was An All-Out-Loser And Failure In Life.

What this program is:

It is a comprehensive fifteen hours life long program which uses proven principles and timeless techniques, combined with simple, practical, proven financial strategies used by thousands of people to create a life of abundance.

Let me ask you this: Who do you listen to for money advice? Are you listening to people who easily generate and manage lots of money? Or are you taking advice from people who are struggling along like you?

In this program, I guide you on your journey to a more abundant life. You'll learn how I went from being flat broke to creating a dream lifestyle and continue to create more to enjoy and to give back to . . .

Finally, I took control of the most powerful wealth building tool available. Then things really began shifting for me. I became successful, and you can, too.

In this program I reveal this essential tool, along with ideas, techniques and information culled from dozens of the most successful money making advisors of the last four decades. You can put these ideas to work for you immediately!

Let's face it, money is one of the most emotionally charged subjects in every society.

Worry about finances is the primary cause of stress.

Believe me, I know this all too well. Until I learned how to take control of my own finances, all of the "discussions" in our house were about money and bills.

I had to work doubly hard  just to survive, until

. . . I started taking charge of my finances. Then things began to change.

Little by little, my money situation began improving and it continues to do so every day.

Finally, I had learned the "money secrets" that I could use to change my financial situation forever. I had learned the most powerful wealth building tools available, along with ideas, techniques and information from dozens of the best educators available.

What this program is not:

It is not a business opportunity sales pitch, a get rich quick scheme or a pyramid investment scam.


This Program Is Not For You If You Are Not Serious About Creating Financial Freedom For Yourself.

If you...

  • are not willing to take responsibility for your actions in life.
  • want to continue to procrastinate.
  • want to continue to give yourself excuses.
  • want to continue to blame other people or circumstances.
  • are not willing to take action to achieve your goals.
  • are not willing to learn.
  • are not willing to leave your comfort zone.
  • think that money is evil.
  • think that gaining financial freedom is not a MUST.

Then most probably creating a life of freedom and financial abundance is not what you want. If you are not interested in it, you may leave this webpage now.

I'm sincere about empowering people to achieve their financial goals, In fact I'm serious enough that I decided to write this book to share with people on personal success and how to create wealth.

And when I give my 100% to help you, the least you MUST do is to also give yourself your 100%. With that done, let me now do this...

Announcing The 

'Four Steps To Financial Freedom'  


There are 4 Steps to this program.

Step 1: Get Healthy & Strive For Great Health

You must learn these fundamental mindsets and principles that have made countless people healthy and why if you break them, you will never be rich.

·  My journey from poor to financial security and abundance.

·  My Success Model that allows me to be financially successful to live a lifestyle fill with happiness.

·  The ten traits and habits of successful self-made millionaires and why you must have them!.

·  Importance of understanding the game of how good health will allow you to reach your financial destiny much faster and earlier?

·  How to use the Health Awareness Table to design a health plan as you travel your route to financial freedom.

·  The eleven secrets on how to design your health plan and following through it to achieve your financial freedom.

·  Importance of learning for your financial and life success.

·  The six secrets to accelerate your learning process that has never been told!
Step 2: Adopt An Open Mindset To Learn

Learn how people make their money when they abandon their old mindset and create a new winning open mindset to harness these exclusive principles to be self-made millionaires.

·  Developing the million dollar mindset.

·  The six secrets for a successful open  mindset.

·  Developing those learning habits that always make you hungry for success.

·  The five secrets to learn for your success.

·  Why most ordinary people fail by not taking actions to practice what they learn.

·  How to access your current financial situation you are in right now!

·  Finding your financial driving force.

·  Learning to take positive actions to improve your financial situation!

·  The seven secrets for successful  results that motivate you.  

Step 3: Invest Your Time In Financial & Health Education

Learn how to invest your time with the proper education that you have been lacking in for your life with these fool-proof methods. Whether you're an employee or a business owner, these strategies work anywhere.

·  Why most people do not have enough financial education to manage and create wealth

·  Why most people lose money in the market when investing

·  How to overcome limiting beliefs and emotions about money

·  Understanding the fundamentals of winning and losing money equilibrium equation

·  Mindset and strategies of the master investors.

·  How to use time and different wealth creation strategies to leverage for investment success.

·  How to use the Zero Eradication Model to supercharge your financial education to create financial abundance

·  The three different types of incomes that has not been known to most people

·  The seven secrets to start your financial education

·  Source of resources to enrich your money-making mindset

·  Source of resources to jumpstart and drive the engine of your first type of income

·  Source of resources to increase the engine capacity of your second type of income

·  How to turn your passion into lifetime streams of income.

·  Source of resources to create a self-sustaining engine for your third type of income

·  How to use the Health Education's Pyramid to control your financial destiny

·  The four secrets for a better life with your created wealth
Step 4: Enjoy The Wealth That You Have Created

Learn how to enjoy your wealth young as you continue your journey to create even more wealth for you loves ones and yourself and eventually empowering others to be financially free too. 

·  Understanding the mechanism why you have to enjoy wealth young

·  The seven secrets to enjoy wealth young to create more wealth

·  Learning to define the true meaning of wealth

·  Learning to give when you have control over your financial destiny

·  The five secrets for learning to give and why you want to give

·  Establishing the relationship between happiness and wealth

·  The four secrets why they are happy when you are happy

·  Why and how you can be so blessed to create a better financial future for yourself

But don't just take my word for it.
Here's what real people just like you are saying about my program:


Best Wishes & Congratulations
Mr. President S R Nathan
President, Republic Of Singapore



Published Article On " The Business Issues - Real Estate Investment "  On January 2010

           On January 2010, Sean Toh, wrote and published an article - "Understanding The Real Estate Cycle Or Lose Your Investment Dollars To Educated Investors!", on "The Business Issues" which provided investors with some simple financial advices allowing them to understand the Real Estate Cycle as global real estate started to form real estate bubbles in Asia when the American and European economies were showing and already experiencing signs of financial crisis.

Other Published Article -  " Taking The Fear Out Of Retirement"

Dear Sean,

         I have just received your book "4 Steps To Financial Freedom" which you sent to me. It contains a good deal of information which is quite unknown to the layman. I wish to congratulate you for a timely and well written book. I shall look forward to your further contributions.

Best Wishes
Datuk Pual Chua
Executive Assistant to President & Vice President for Asia IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders)
Secretary-General - ABBF (Asian Bodybuilding Federation)
President - SBBF (Singapore Bodybuilders' Federation)


I just finished reading your book 4 Steps To Financial Freedom. It's definitely a healthy and wealthy read which nourishes the mind, body and soul.


Dr. Rita Goh is the founder of Aspiron Services, provider of a suite of counseling services. She has written two books, Back from the Brink of Insanity and Hack Attack. She has spoken widely on the topics related to mental illness and the human aspects of  IT security.She holds a PhD in Business Administration and a MBA from Preston University (U.S.A.). She also has a Bachelor in Communication and Media Management from University of South Australia.

Dr. Rita Goh
Aspiron Services



"One of the most inspired book I've read. The author stresses a good combination of healthy lifestyle together with a good investment plan which proved to be a successful formula. His proven track records and experiences clearly shows he is not a fly by night rookie. It is a must read book for those who are sincerely looking to re-organize their financial approach and thinking."


Joseph Foo
Sales Manager
Jesslee Shoes Pte Ltd
Footwear Licensee For Pierre Cardin, Disney, Winnie, The Pooh & Garfield


Hello Sean,

I have received your book. What a surprise. I knew you have a keen interest in financial education but did not expect for you to write a book! Congratulations, it looks well done.

Brian Tucker
Project Manager Of Learning Society (Making Sense of Money)

Brian Tucker is the Regional Project Manager for the Learning Society, a non-profit educational foundation in Singapore, promoting progressive education within the community. Mr. Tucker is also a member of the senior administration staff at the Canadian International School, Singapore. The Learning Society has partnered with the Singapore government to develop Schoolhouse by the Bay, an early childhood daycare and teaching center, and also works with Citigroup in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong to support its financial literacy and education programs within the country. Mr. Tucker holds Bachelors degrees in Arts and Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Western Australia.



"True wealth is the power to give. Freedom is about believing in yourself and applying the simple wealth-building techniques. I highly recommend this book! It is a must read for everyone wanting to be successful in their financial journey."



Eileen Ang
Educator For The New Age


Sean's Four Steps To Financial Freedom Program has shown me a new perspective and meaning of wealth that we always thought it's the money that we have that define who we really are. We always take for granted our good health in our pursuits for financial success in our life that we forgotten our health might be the most important pre-requisite stepping stone to our wealth creation process. Thank you for showing me the total comprehensive approach to financial freedom.

Anne Wheeler
Bank Relationship Executive In Yeovil


A self-empowering book for everyone who are planning to start a family. The simple financial planning techniques are practical and applicable for those who want a successful management of their family finance while enjoying life with happiness



Dave Irvine
Air Traffic Controller In Holland


Having more time with Natasha and enjoying a happy family life has been possible after I overcome my fear of investing when I started learning and applying the philosophy of Four Steps To Financial Freedom to help me rely less on my job for income as I have more quality time with my family.




Susan Parry
Educator & Self-Learning Investor From Australia



"4 Steps To Financial Freedom" showed me the meaning of true wealth and gave me so many good secrets and powerful strategies on how to increase my income and wealth. Sean has undoubtedly showed me one of the best wealth building strategies to make me a better, motivated, hungrier and more goal focused person. "4 Steps To Financial Freedom" has empowered and given me great confidence and a renewed driving spirit to make a major shift and transformation towards achieving my financial & life goals to be who I really want to be.

Wain Khoo
Ex-Banker, Physical Education Trainer, Adventurer & Tri-Athlete 



Best Regards,
Nicholas Tan
Author of "Handbook On Forex Trading"

Nicholas Tan is the author of "Handbook On Forex Trading - An Easy Guide To Profitable Currency Trading" and he has more than 13 years of experience in the treasury departments of major banks. Armed with a degree in business administration from National University of Singapore in 1989, he started as an assistant dealer. Working his way up to Vice President, he made millions for the banks he worked for. Since 2002, Nicholas has been trading his own account and has coached numerous individuals on Forex Trading. With five years of personal trading and 13 years trading for banks in Singapore, Nicholas has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Forex Trading.



"4 Steps To Financial Freedom" is a well published financial guide book that offers easy-to-follow secrets for those who are having problems managing their personal finance. The guides on proper financial planning and managing those investing risks are so useful that I think most Singaporeans don't know enough to start creating a small pot of wealth. Creating those wealth takes time and having a health plan to support and take care of our health is so important in order to let time compounds those dollars. A well published and easy to read financial book unlike any other financial book!


Halim Gafoor



Dear Mr Toh,

Thank you for your book "4 steps to financial freedom" which we received
through Mr Winston Hodge. Your book is now available to our RJC staff and
teachers in the Library.

I am happy to find the topics included on health and developing a positive
mindset because these are, indeed, important factors in attaining
financial health. I'm sure our staff and teachers will enjoy the book as
much I do.

Once again, thank you.

Joanna Yu
RJC Librarian


A picture of your host Lori JonesSean,


I started reading your book "4 Steps to Financial Freedom", and couldn't put it down. Your personal story, combined with your knowledge of nutrition, fitness & strategies for financial success were right on. The simple system you designed is easy to follow. The key steps you outlined can help anyone achieve financial success, and be healthy enough to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your 7 secrets to enjoying wealth and how to achieve optimum health along the way. Inspiring and empowering others to bring balance to their lives.


Sean, you walk the talk, your physical muscles match your financial muscles!


Lori Jones

Fitness Professional

Red Mountain Adventure Spa

XanGo Independent Distributor


Hi Sean! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you with your review. I have been terribly busy finishing up 3 books and an anthology. Dead lines you know?

Anyway I had Liz help with the review. I posted it on my blog page. We gave your book 5 stars!  Very interesting read and believe me, we ladies loved the pictures!

Thanks for sharing your book with me and if you don't mind, I feel my son would benefit from reading your book so I will give it to him to learn from.

If you would like me to read and review other books of yours or if you have other friends/authors who would like me to read and review their work please feel free to give them the mailing address I gave you. I would be happy to help.

Have a great week.

  An Older Man   Some of Tiva's books

Tiva Wallow
Author, Reader, Publisher, Affiliate Agent of Booksville Literary Reviews & Founder of
Florida's Published Authors Tour Group

Tiva currently have 7 books out. Her main genre is romance but she is branching off to try her hand at other genre's. She has a family/humorous, a children's spiritual and an erotica romance. This year she has about 3 more books released with one of them being a paranormal erotica. She was born and raised in Florida and has done a great deal of traveling the US and Europe. She is the founder of the "Florida's Published Authors Tour Group" which houses authors from all over, not just Florida!


Sean Toh's 4 Steps to Financial Freedom is an inspired book which makes an often difficult subject interesting and fun to read. Mr. Toh pulls from his own experiences to stress the importance of building a healthy life foundation on which to build your wealth.

I was particularly struck by the emphasis Mr. Toh put on sharing wealth. In Step 4, Secret #3, Sean says "Learn to give because you have been receiving from others, and it's your way of saying thank you."

4 Steps is an enjoyable book with the personal touches that make a good book great. I found that despite the cultural differences (given that Sean Toh lives in Singapore, and I in the States) much of what was said was relevant. This is the perfect starter book for someone seeking to educate themselves in wealth creation.




Meghan Wier

Author | Writer | Speaker | Web Consultant

Author of Confessions of an Introvert

See Review At Amazon.com



Hi Handsome Sean, 

First congrats to you because in my entire life, your book is the only one I
manage to complete reading!! I hated reading nor can I ever finish reading
a book because it makes me sleepy(probably genes-late father's side I think) or just hate reading. I thought I was more like a visual person, you know
those kind the prefer visuals... Let me just share something with you. I am
39 years old and not rich(Not even close to it). Am divorced from a failed
marriage and I don't have kids(would love to have them). Was retrenched twice
and terminated once in my career. Lost a loved one thru suicide amongst
others. And there was a time when I had debts when both me and my ex-wife
was not working. Once I did not even have enough money for food and had to
eat bread(costing 30 cents-Cheapest around) for about few days before my next
pay check. But looking at others, I always am appreciative of what i had.

Now I have that burning desire to change and focus. What started me going
was when I saw on TV on CNBC about Millionaires Mind where Robert Kiyosaki
was on the programme with a few other self made millionaires. That was then
that I decided I will change. First thing I went to popular book store and
browsed around. I was always skeptical about foreign authors because I always
thought they did not understand our local context of being Singaporean. But
I said I was gonna at least look at Napoleon Hill Books. But I wanted
someone local, someone who is going thru our systems, way of life and
environment. You can't imagine how excited I got after I came across your
book. I read the back cover and then read a few pages and then it was
history. Bought the two books(yours and Napoleon hill) and went home and
guess what, I actually finish reading two chapters of your book.
Considering what I told you, I have completed reading a book. I am now
reading it again and looking at important points and making plans to take
appropriate actions. I got nothing now but I am gonna do everything in my
powers to help myself. At 40 years old next month, I am starting my life
all over again but at least I am gonna do this time and it will be better
in my 40s. But now I am financially better and I know, its really the start
when normally passion to super high. But I got this very very strong desire
to make sure actions speaks louder that words.

I am writing to thank you because your book inspired me and gave me lots of
directions and pointers. You asked us as readers to look for mentors. I
want you to me my mentor. Though not on a personal basis but please keep your
books coming and your work because I am gonna a great follower and fan of
yours. Incredibly I shared with a friend today and she is gonna buy your
book too!! So actually I writing to you to also collect commission... (-:
Ok kidding, just looking into new ways to make $$$, so you see it is
already working on me. I am gonna keep writing to you to keep you posted on
my development(If you don't mind, never mind if you are unable). I am
starting with virtually nothing and with debts. I want to write to you because
you inspired me and you came to my aid. Thanks a million sean. I wish you,
your wife and your two girls all the best and may god bless you for your
work. Hope I can meet you once I am doing better and it has worked for me.

Omer Farook

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      Yours Sincerely

       Sean Toh

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"Four Steps To Financial Freedom!"

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